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Here are answers to frequently asked questions. If you need further assistance please contact Tara @ hello@weightfreewellness.com We are happy to help!

Is the monthly course (Monthly Class with Lori Rose, Ph.D.) a subscription or do I have to re-register each month?

  • Yes, the monthly course is a subscription - once you are registered you do not have to reregister.

  • The monthly fee of the course(s) you have opted into will be charged to your card each month. You will have access to previous recorded classes/webinars and will receive invitations to attend live classes/webinars.

If I am registered for a subscription class do I still have to register to attend a live class/webinar?

Yes, if you want to join the online class/webinars you will need to follow the instructions sent by email to register for the private class/webinar - this is how we keep the event private. Emails with instructions on how to register for the live class/webinar are sent out in your new student confirmation email and also approximately one day before each class/webinar. Check your email (including junk) for an email from "thinkific.com".

How to I attend the live webinar classes?  

OR  Why didn't I receive an email notifying me of how to attend the upcoming monthly class?

Check your email box of the email that you registered with (you may need to check the junk folder) for an email from "thinkific.com". Notifications of how to register/attend for upcoming monthly live classes are sent one day before each event (if you recently subscribed you will receive them in your welcome email). Here's a helpful article about how to teach your email program how to not put emails you want into your junk folder!

Also, go to your account (in the upper right corner) select "notifications" (on the left) and select to receive all notifications.


When will the recording of the monthly event be up?

Recordings are usually available to watch within 2 days of the live class. An email will be sent out when it is available.

Why can't I hear the audio very well?

We do our best to obtain the best audio at the recording and to boost the audio during editing. There are a few videos that are difficult to hear - they are in the free section or given as a bonus. If you're having trouble hearing, try the following: make sure the volume is all the way up on your computer. Make sure your computer software is updated. Wearing headphones or earbuds is always a good option.


Transactions will show on your bank statement as "WeightFreeWellness.com"

To Change Your Billing Information

You can change your billing by going clicking on your name and then selecting "My Account" in the upper right corner. On the following page select "Billing" on the left to adjust your subscription or credit card information.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are having any issues or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Tara at Hello@WeightFreeWellness.com 

Subscriptions - You may cancel your subscription at any time. See below.

Courses -  Please contact Tara at Hello@WeightFreeWellness.com for a refund on courses.

You can change your billing information and subscription by going clicking on your name and then selecting "My Account" in the upper right corner. On the following page select "Billing" on the left to adjust your subscription or credit card information.

I have slow internet OR The videos are choppy and/or pause randomly.

If you have slow or irregular internet select a lower quality download for the video. The lower the number the lower the quality. How to do this: Select the video you would like to watch. In the lower right corner or the video frame select the gear icon. Click on "Quality" and the menu will expand. Select a lower quality ex. 226p. See image below for reference.

Other tips:

Use the Chrome browser for best results

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